Ramsey County Master Gardeners attend educational seminars throughout the year, have access to the latest university-based research, and have personal interest in studying many aspects of gardening, from vegetables to pest control. Our goal is to bring this top-tier knowledge to Minnesota residents. 

All classes in 2020 are taught ONLINE to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The following classes are open to the public; registration is required. Join us to learn more about these popular gardening topics.  

Food Saver
Learn how to save, store, and preserve seasonal fruits and vegetables to enjoy the best flavors and highest nutrition for as long as possible.

Growing Microgreens
Learn about growing microgreens, quick-growing vegetable and herb seeds that can be grown indoors to provide fresh green year-round.

Herb Gardening
Get to know some of the herbs commonly used in cooking and learn how to harness those flavors year-round.

Home Composting
Learn the science behind and the benefits of home composting, including information on different composting methods, recommended compostable materials, and common uses of compost around the yard and garden.

Houseplant Success
Learn how to keep your indoor plants healthy and avoid common problems. 

Nature Heals
Learn the science of how time spent in nature helps to improve our physical and mental well-being.

Pruning Trees & Shrubs
Woody plants like trees, shrubs, and some flowers benefit from regular pruning to encourage healthy growth while avoiding potential problems. Learn the basics of how to care for your woody plants.

Want us to teach a class for your group or event?

 Ramsey County Master Gardeners are available to speak to garden clubs, at workplace lunch-and-learn seminars, or any other groups about a wide variety of horticulture and garden-related topics. Contact us for more information.